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SportsAid was founded in 1976 to provide financial assistance to Britain's amateur sportsmen and women. The aim was to help them prepare for competitions against better-funded, overseas athletes.

SportsAid is the only UK charity directly helping talented young British sports people. More often than not their only sponsors are Mum and Dad so every bit of independent recognition and help that they get at this stage makes a huge difference. Lottery funding has helped British sport enormously in recent years, but it cannot fund every aspect of sport, and this money rarely trickles down to individuals in the 12-18 years old group. That’s why our work is so vital. If we don’t fund this generation, who will?

Peterborough SportsAid was formed in 2004 focusing on giving awards to youngsters aged 12 to 18 in able-bodied sports and for all ages in disabled sports to help with costs such as travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment.

As a fund raising team we carry out our work in co-operation with the national governing bodies for sports. Our aim is to actively encourage young people from all walks of life to experience the benefits of sport.

Since 2004 Peterborough SportsAid has awarded grants in excess of £100,000 to over 200 young sports men and women in the Peterborough area.

Peterborough SportsAid was formed by local business people who work voluntarily to raise funds for grants for young sportsmen & women in the local area. To apply for a grant, please download and complete the application form below

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We help young, talented athletes every year



We provide support for many sports which include Olympic and Paralympic sports

Peterborough Sports Lunch
We are delighted to welcome Neil Back as guest speaker - 15th June